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JP-H11212648-A: ロボットアーム制御装置 patent, JP-H11213498-A: Disk chucking mechanism patent, JP-H11214128-A: Heater cloth patent, JP-H11214470-A: Substrate conveyor patent, JP-H11214743-A: 側方に電流を伝搬する半導体層装置及びこのような半導体層装置を有する発光半導体ダイオード patent, JP-H11215621-A: Distribution board patent, JP-H11215806-A: 電力変換装置 patent, JP-H11216037-A: シートフレーム patent, JP-H11216057-A: Clothed tableware and manufacture of the same patent, JP-H11216304-A: System for removing foam generated in aqueous solution system or water system under slight gravity patent, JP-H11216857-A: Printer driver patent, JP-H11217555-A: 感熱粘着剤組成物及びその製造方法並びに感熱粘着シート patent, US-2011003417-A1: Active matrix substrate, method of making the substrate, and display device patent, JP-H11218789-A: ライトバルブ用の紫外線硬化性光変調フィルムの製造方法 patent, JP-H1121885-A: Screw-in type steel pipe pile patent, JP-H11219124-A: Display unit patent, JP-H1121918-A: 地下躯体底版の構築方法 patent, JP-H11221711-A: ブランキング金型 patent, JP-H11222020-A: 車両用空調装置 patent, JP-H11222055-A: 車両制御装置 patent, JP-H1122302-A: 引き違いスライド扉の連動機構 patent, JP-H11223042-A: 耐震補強構造 patent, JP-H11223237-A: Active vibration control device patent, JP-H11224089-A: Melody generating device and record medium patent, JP-H11224142-A: Power supplying method and external equipment patent, JP-H11224146-A: ハイパーテキスト端末 patent, JP-H11224618-A: Crt electron gun and method for controlling electron current patent, JP-H11225131-A: System for counting error seconds in atm transmission system patent, JP-H11226059-A: 介護用ベッド装置 patent, JP-H11226904-A: 卓上切断機の傾斜位置固定装置 patent, JP-H11227027-A: 合成樹脂パイプの成形装置 patent, JP-H11227478-A: 自動車用プロペラシャフト patent, JP-H1122748-A: 締結クラッチのリリーフ弁構造 patent, JP-H11228581-A: シラン化合物及びその製造方法 patent, JP-H11228879-A: Modification of formulation in production of coating material patent, JP-H11229585-A: Step stretching joiner for horizontal joint patent, JP-H11230252-A: Earthquak mitigating method for structure and variable damper patent, JP-H11230823-A: 測光装置 patent, JP-H1123149-A: 木材の乾燥方法及びこれに用いる木材圧縮脱水装置 patent, JP-H11231693-A: Image recorder patent, JP-H1123173-A: Heat-exchanger and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H11231826-A: 映像信号処理装置 patent, JP-H11231959-A: 光00カット加算器 patent, JP-H11232307-A: Trace of position in electronic document patent, JP-H11232694-A: Record medium patent, JP-H11232928-A: 導電性ペースト組成物、転写フィルムおよびプラズマディスプレイパネル patent, JP-H11234339-A: 通信ネットワークを介するパケット配信装置及び方法 patent, JP-H11234789-A: Device to output mixed sound from pluralities of sound generators patent, JP-H11235003-A: リニアモータ用二次固定子の製造方法 patent, JP-H11235007-A: Perpetually operating engine by utilizing permanent magnet and generator using the same patent, JP-H11235802-A: Infrared barrier material patent, JP-H11236571-A: コークス炉押出機側の窯口密閉方法および装置 patent, JP-H11236785-A: 断熱形材 patent, JP-H11236791-A: 横引シャッタ− patent, JP-H11236942-A: 滑り支承構造の防振カバー patent, JP-H11237858-A: マトリクス駆動型表示装置及びその駆動方法 patent, JP-H1123823-A: Manufacture of color filter patent, JP-H1123837-A: 光学フィルター patent, JP-H1123846-A: Phase difference plate patent, JP-H11238528-A: Lithium secondary battery patent, JP-H11239942-A: 工作機械における自動工具交換装置 patent, JP-H1123995-A: 偏向走査装置 patent, JP-H11240018-A: 金型冷却具 patent, JP-H11242210-A: Liquid crystal display device patent, JP-H11243892-A: Caramel sauce, vessel-contained two layered pudding using the same and its preparation patent, JP-H11246285-A: Hard wood-chip cement formed body patent, JP-H11246488-A: Production of diaryl carbonate patent, JP-H11247017-A: 金属フレイムを利用し、キャップ型にした、かつら。 patent, JP-H11247214-A: 油圧ショベル patent, JP-H11248612-A: 音叉型水晶触覚センサ patent, JP-H11249528-A: 画像形成装置 patent, JP-H11249987-A: Message processor, its method and storage medium storing message processing control program patent, JP-H11250070-A: Similar document retrieval device and its method, and medium for recording program for similar document retrieval patent, JP-H11250929-A: Manufacture of lithium secondary battery patent, JP-H11251026-A: Ic socket patent, JP-H11252103-A: Radio communication system patent, JP-H11252765-A: ケーブル、鞘管の懸架用管 patent, JP-H11254829-A: Thermal recording material patent, JP-H11256036-A: 改善された機械的性質を有するポリマーブレンド膜 patent, JP-H11256579-A: Underwater spraying method and device for sand patent, JP-H11257002-A: Rotary vane actuator patent, JP-H11257725-A: Flexible duct for air conditioning using tubular cover consisting of aluminum laminated film patent, JP-H1125804-A: 車両用レバースイッチの構造 patent, JP-H11258232-A: 血液分析装置 patent, JP-H1125855-A: 電子銃部品の製造方法およびその製造装置 patent, JP-H11258867-A: 自動原稿送り装置 patent, JP-H11258961-A: Image forming device patent, JP-H11259068-A: Electronic information processing method and device patent, JP-H11260280-A: Color image receiving tube patent, JP-H11260852-A: ワイヤボンディング装置 patent, JP-H11262301-A: 作業車の旋回制御装置 patent, JP-H1126307-A: Aluminum electrolytic capacitor patent, JP-H11263549-A: エレベータ用乗りかご内トランシーバー取付装置 patent, JP-H11263928-A: 塗料組成物 patent, JP-H11264176-A: Socket structure of pipe connecting section patent, JP-H11265249-A: Information input device, information input method and storage medium patent, JP-H1126539-A: 半導体製造装置、及び該装置に於ける基板位置ずれ修正方法 patent, JP-H11266119-A: 多段アンテナ patent, JP-H11266281-A: Input/output system using network patent, JP-H11266480-A: 符号割当装置並びにその方法 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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